B210 – Getting Ahead While Getting Out

The United States imprisons more people than any other nation in the world.

Rarely discussed, however, is that more than 90% of those prisoners will be released from state custody at some point.

How do we help these returning citizens reintegrate when they come home?

Based on the book Getting Ahead While Getting Out, this reentry model gives citizens returning from incarceration a community- and relationship-based approach that begins in pre-release and follows through with long-term support.

In Getting Out, incarcerated individuals, their families, volunteers, community organizations, and people in corrections are problem solvers. They work shoulder to shoulder to create communities where everyone can live well.

Participants will:

  • Understand the philosophy of Getting Ahead While Getting Out
  • Learn to work with corrections, offenders, returning citizens, and community organizations
  • Prepare to run all 20 sessions of the Getting Out program
  • Understand and practice with the evaluation tools


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