B200 – Getting Ahead in a Just-Gettin’-By World: Facilitator Training

The powerful Getting Ahead curriculum shares Bridges Out of Poverty concepts directly with people in poverty. Trained facilitators help people develop their own plans for stability in this 16-session experience.

Certified facilitator training emphasizes the importance of participants—called “investigators”—learning on their own. The co-investigative process uses a self-assessment and other tools to build financial, emotional, and social resources by exploring the impact of poverty in participants’ lives.

Gain insights and strategies from graduates and seasoned Getting Ahead facilitators. You’ll be certified to:

  • Facilitate Getting Ahead groups
  • Prepare graduates to become certified to facilitate future groups

Help bring valuable relationships and living-wage jobs within reach by directly teaching the hidden rules of economic class.

The Getting Ahead process does not provide answers, nor does it make the argument for change. Motivation, insight, and planning come from the participants themselves.

Increase your community’s stability by facilitating this process of self-discovery and change.

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