Transition to Success

Transition to Success is a demonstrated standard of care that addresses poverty as a treatable condition, not a character flaw. Marcella Wilson, PhD, Matrix Human Services president and CEO, built the Transition to SuccessTM (TTS) framework with the ultimate goal of designing a systematic approach to addressing the social determinants and impacts of poverty.

TTS is now a scalable, sustainable, multi-generational, measurable, evidence-based collective impact business model that integrates treatment for poverty across healthcare, human services, education, faith-based organizations, and government programs.

TTS trains direct care staff to work with clients to define a CARE (Coordinating All Resources Effectively) plan and a “Map of My Dreams.” The CARE plan addresses the immediate basic needs of food, healthcare, and shelter, while the “Map of My Dreams” plots long-term goals leading to financial stability and improved health. Transition to Success coordinates care for basic needs, literacy, getting an education (including GED and higher education for parents), financial literacy, and volunteerism—all key components for self-sufficiency.

Dr. Wilson is available to provide keynotes as well as an overview of her model. There is also an opportunity for a “train-the-trainer” model, in addition to training for front line staff.

To learn more about Transition to Success, please contact Lynn Jackson at or (281) 502-3004.