The Model

aha! Process developed the Resource Builder Model to:

  • Work across all sectors of a community to address the root causes of poverty
  • Support individuals as they build resources
  • Achieve a sustainable community where everyone can live well

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The Resource Builder Model includes workshops, books/products, and ongoing support that were created as an end-to-end approach to help all aspects of a community to build a stronger, sustainable community by reducing poverty.

The model’s proven strategies and tools improve outcomes whether you are an educator, community leader, business professional, health professional, social worker, first responder, government employee, or criminal justice system employee.

Primary Components of the Model

  1. Understanding Poverty
    • Uses research based on the causes of economic class to create a non-political approach
    • Provides a practical model (conceptual framework, common language, interventions, and tools) to increase individuals’ resources and outcomes
    • Provides a model that is adaptable, can be integrated into existing programs, and changes paradigms
  2. Developing Resources
    • Focuses on 9 different resources
    • Provides tested tools for developing resources/creating stability of resources which leads to greater capacity at the individual, institutional, and community levels
  3. Engaging the community
    • Develops resources on three levels to address poverty: individual, institutional, and community/policy
    • Engages people from all economic backgrounds at all three levels for a systemic approach to building resources through innovating and sharing knowledge
    • Builds relationships of mutual respect between and among people in poverty, middle class, and wealth
  4. Evaluating and improving on a continuous basis
    • Develops strategies that work, embeds them into daily routines, and shares them with partners around the globe to develop resources that lessen poverty
    • Supports and expands the model through measurement, compilation of data of results, research analysis, and consultation with communities of practice

The components of the Resource Builder Model form the foundation for each of our individual training areas:

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Each program includes tools, training, and ongoing support to help individuals, institutions, and communities develop resources that create stability and sustainability.