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Impact of Poverty on Educationaha! Process offers trainer certifications and professional development events that are held online and face-to-face around the country throughout the year focusing on the impact of poverty on education. With sufficient demand, these events may also be offered as workshops at your location. See our complete listing of workshops you can host at your school or district or call us at (800) 424-9484 to schedule your event today.

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Face-to-Face Events

The Framework Trainer Certifications are designed for individuals who will take the information from A Framework for Understanding Poverty and Research-Based Strategies back to their own organizations for in-house staff development. Find out more information about becoming a Certified Trainer.

Addressing the Challenges of Poverty brings together all sectors of a community in one venue for networking and learning in order to create healthier, stronger communities, colleges, and schools.

Online and Downloadable Events

Trainer Recertifications:

This event enables Framework certified trainers to become certified for another two years after their initial certification expires or to upgrade to a lifetime certificate. Two-year certification requires recertification every two years for a fee, while lifetime certification requires no recertification. However, lifetime-certified trainers may take recertification courses as a refresher at no charge.

One-Hour Short, Online Courses:

Why aren’t boys seeming to reach their full potential? If you have concerns about the academic success and/or the impact of the behavior of boys in school, then this One-Hour Short Course is for you. We will examine the root causes of the “boy crisis” and identify strategies that help boys become more successful.

Do your students struggle with questions? Do they reply “all of it” when you ask them which part is difficult? Are you finding yourself guessing about their confusion? This One-Hour Short Course will address strategies to teach questioning skills, help students clarify their questions, and deliver content with higher levels of rigor.

“If I only had a brain.” Often students are unaware of their intellectual abilities and the fact that intelligence is not a fixed trait; it can be developed. Others have not learned how to identify their strengths and weaknesses or their emotions; they think success lies “somewhere over the rainbow.” This One-Hour Short Course addresses the components of self-awareness and begins the investigation of how to develop each area as a foundation for self-motivation and ultimate success in academics and in life.

Are you wondering what to do with your midyear student/teacher data? Are you looking for a strategy to help you respond to students in need of support? Join this One-Hour Short Course to learn your first step with a research-based process of raising achievement through data analysis and classroom application. It’s not too late to make a difference!

In-Depth, Online Courses:

These on-demand courses offer expert instruction, activities, handouts, and personal coaching. This coaching is specific to your job and your situation, thus allowing you to hone your understanding of the material. Anyone can participate, regardless of his or her location.

Psychologists tell us that human beings are born with natural tendencies to seek out challenges and opportunities to learn. These tendencies are the foundation of motivation, and they operate robustly under certain conditions. The conditions under which motivation can thrive and grow will be discussed in both sessions of this in-depth, on-demand course.

In Session 1 you will be shown a mental model of motivation. Through a closer examination of that mental model, a deeper understanding of each component will be developed in order to provide you with a clear framework for understanding motivation theory.

In Session 2 strategies for enhancing each component of motivation will be provided to assist you in building upon the intrinsic motivation innate in individuals, with a special focus on motivating under-resourced individuals.

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