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Improve College Graduation Rates for At-Risk Students

These days every college and university administrator is concerned with increasing student retention and graduation rates, especially among lower-income and first-generation students. That is why aha! Process created the College Achievement Alliance. Based on our proprietary Resource Builder Model, College Achievement Alliance is the only family of training and educational solutions to apply the lens of economic class to the challenge of improving college graduation rates and academic outcomes. Our solutions will allow your staff to better understand the dynamics that cause and perpetuate poverty—and help you build the resources your students need to succeed in college, on the job, and in life.

We help post-secondary faculty, administration, and staff:

  • Improve retention and completion rates
  • Strengthen the first-year experience
  • Support student persistence
  • Build understanding of socioeconomic diversity
  • Reduce interpersonal conflict in the classroom and on campus
  • Enhance service learning

We also help secondary faculty and staff in TRIO, GEAR UP, and other programs:

And we help lower-income and first-generation students:

  • Navigate the hidden rules of the middle-class world of college and the workplace
  • Explore the impact of economic class on themselves and their communities
  • Build a “future story” and develop the resources to achieve it
  • Become empowered to be change agents in their families, on campus, and in their communities

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