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Bridges to Health and Healthcare

Reducing readmissions and improving costs are two primary goals of the healthcare industry. That is why a growing number of healthcare organizations are turning to aha! Process’s Bridges to Health and Healthcare. Based on our proprietary Resource Builder Model, Bridges is the only family of training solutions to apply the lens of economic class to improving patient outcomes. Bridges solutions enable healthcare professionals in hospitals, clinics, physician offices, and public health organizations to better understand the obstacles to good health many people face, develop strategies to remove those obstacles, and help build the resources patients need to lead healthier lives.

We help healthcare providers:

  • Reduce unnecessary readmissions
  • Reduce the use of emergency room doctors as primary care physicians
  • Reduce costs without reducing quality
  • Communicate complex medical information for improved comprehension
  • Achieve more successful patient outcomes
  • Reduce patient-provider misunderstandings and conflict
  • Provide long-term healthcare support for people transitioning from poverty
  • Contribute to broader efforts to enhance community health and stability

We help public health organizations and communities:

  • Increase community and health-sector awareness of poverty and community environments as a social determinant of health
  • Work together across organizational boundaries for environments that are safe, stable, and resourced
  • Bring all stakeholders—community sectors and individuals in poverty—together at the planning stage to develop new practices for a healthier community

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