Criminal Justice System


Reducing repeat offenses and conserving limited resources are critical to the criminal justice system. That is why many criminal justice professionals are turning to aha! Process’s Bridges Out of Poverty.

The program enables judges, parole officers, law enforcement professionals, first responders, and others to better understand the dynamics that lead to repeated arrests and incarcerations, and it helps build the resources offenders need to break the cycle and build better lives for themselves and their families.

We help the court system:

  • Reduce recidivism, bench warrants, and arrests
  • Save taxpayer dollars
  • Increase probation compliance
  • Reduce incarceration and jail overcrowding
  • Improve mental health treatment outcomes
  • Enable offenders to maintain jobs and care for families while satisfying legal obligations
  • Equalize access to courts for low-income individuals
  • Eliminate obstacles within the system for low-income offenders while maintaining the integrity of the court
  • Build community support for addressing poverty

We help law enforcement professionals:

  • Understand how the three economic classes respond differently to law enforcement situations
  • Increase effectiveness and efficiency on each call
  • Reduce time spent on calls
  • Decrease number of complaints
  • Reduce conflict in law enforcement situations

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