Getting Ahead is used in healthcare environments with both frontline employees and low-income patient populations. The workshop helps frontline staff navigate the middle-class rules of the work environment, build resources to stabilize their lives, and set educational, professional, and personal goals. It helps patients build health resources (in addition to other resources) resulting in fewer chronic illnesses, reduced pressure on emergency rooms, and a healthier community.

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  • Robeson County, North Carolina: The University of North Carolina offered Getting Ahead to Healthy Start CORPs members. Healthy Start CORPS is a case management and community intervention program funded by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Maternal and Child Health Bureau. The mission of the program is to enhance the perinatal service system in Robeson County while strengthening community empowerment. Mothers and soon-to-be mothers were enrolled in Getting Ahead as part of a “…common venture to become part of an informal research team that studies the causes and effects of poverty.”
  • Youngstown, OH: Humility of Mary Health Partners offers Getting Ahead to frontline employees. One investigator comments, “This class allowed me to see beyond my own expectations.”

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