Reducing the social costs of poverty, strengthening the workforce, and building a more prosperous and sustainable community are goals on which most communities agree. aha! Process’s Bridges Out of Poverty community support program provides a family of concepts, workshops, and products to help employers, community organizations, social service agencies, and individuals address and reduce poverty in a comprehensive way. Bridges brings people from all sectors and economic classes together to improve job retention rates, build resources, improve outcomes, and support those who are moving out of poverty.

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The Bridges Out of Poverty community support program helps communities:

  • Move individuals from poverty to self-sufficiency
  • Reduce social costs related to crime, poor health, and welfare
  • Strengthen educational attainment and job skills
  • Enhance economic development
  • Improve on-the-job productivity
  • Revitalize neighborhoods
  • Build sustainable communities where everyone can live well

Explore our recommended programs designed around your community’s specific needs:

  • Building Community Sustainability: Learn how to make yours a community where everyone can live well, reducing social costs and leveraging human capital for greater stability and prosperity.
  • Getting Ahead: Learn from our experts how to facilitate a Getting Ahead program to support individuals emerging from poverty.

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