Jodi Pfarr

Who is Jodi?

Since 2001 Jodi Pfarr has worked internationally, conducting profound seminars that leave people learning and laughing. Her engaging style—and trademark humor—allow her to effectively connect with diverse audiences. Her ongoing clients represent a broad range of groups, including police departments, judges, teachers, religious institutions, social services, and fire departments.

Pfarr grew up in a rural area and lives in an urban city, giving her a keen understanding of both demographics, as well as the diversity and unique dynamics within both. She brings audiences the knowledge she has gained from years of hands-on experience within the criminal justice system, social services, and nonprofit organizations. This vast work experience enriches her presentation with stories from the trenches that audiences find relatable and transferable to their own lives.

Jodi’s credentials


  • Master of Divinity, United Theological Seminary
  • Certified Critical Debriefer, St. Paul Police Chaplain’s Academy
  • Bachelors of Arts, University of South Dakota

Work history

  • President, J Pfarr Consulting
  • Executive Director, Emma Norton Services
  • Trainer/Chaplain, St. Paul Police Department
  • Transitional Housing Manager, Catholic Charities
  • Special Needs Shelter Coordinator, Salvation Army


  • Bridges Out of Poverty Audio Workshop Kit
  • Tactical Communication
  • Jodi’s Stories: Bridges Out of Poverty companion DVD
  • Intersections of Poverty and the ‘Isms’ DVD

To get a taste of Jodi’s entertaining style, search for her clips on YouTube, or start with this one.

Jodi’s aha! moment

My aha! moment was the first time multiple agencies and communities collaboratively expressed a desire to address poverty collectively and systemically. It is powerful to witness how impactful these trainings can be at an individual level (for staff), an institutional level (for managers), and within communities. Working alongside communities to implement the material and make effective, systemic change is an honor. Watching what people’s passion can produce at this level continues to amaze and inspire me.

Jodi’s passions
I’m passionate about creating sustainable communities where everyone’s voice is heard—a place where police are safe, social services are effective, schools are achieving, and businesses are thriving.

Jodi’s best training
The most inspiring moments during trainings are seeing audience members become conscious of how class has impacted them personally. Helping audiences—whether it’s a rural reservation, an urban police department, or the U.S. Supreme Court judges—begin to see how the class in which they were raised affects their life and workplace is the core of my trainings. True change can take hold when individuals and communities apply this new understanding.

What does Jodi do for fun?

The humor and lightheartedness that I bring to my presentations is a hallmark of my personal life. Family time and fun with my nine godchildren is a priority. From enjoying time in the great outdoors, to exploring museums, to hunting, to taking in local festivals, adventure is never far away.

What people are saying about Jodi?

“Jodi’s unique, entertaining style has you laughing and learning in ways you did not think possible. Her profound ability to teach systemic concepts in a way that’s palatable to everyone in the room makes her trainings highly sought after.”

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