Haley Ford

Who is Haley Ford?

Haley Ford has been in the field of education for seven years and has been a high school social studies teacher and is currently a university teacher educator. Haley recently completed her Ph.D. in Curriculum and Instruction at the University of Houston, and she specializes in the topics of urban and social education. Haley has a passion for helping schools and educators grow by learning to implement culturally relevant and mindful teaching practices, as well as equitable school policies. She also works with the intersections of gender and LGBTQI populations. Through aha! Process, Haley offers training in A Framework for Understanding Poverty, Emotional Poverty, and Research-Based Strategies. She is also available for instructional coaching and professional development.

Haley’s credentials


  • Doctor of Philosophy, Curriculum and Instruction, Specializing in Urban and Social Education, University of Houston – Main Campus
  • Master of Education, Curriculum and Instruction, Specializing in Social Education, University of Houston – Main Campus
  • Bachelor of Arts, History, Baylor University

Work history

  • Community Engagement Supervisor
  • Teacher Education Instructor
  • Research Assistant
  • Co-Founder of Charity
  • High School Social Studies Educator

Topical listing of recent publications/presentations

  • Bridging the Gap: A Case Study Investigating One Community-University Partnership and Program
  • “Missing in Action: Women, Pop Culture, and the History Classroom”
  • “Educating Through Popular Culture: ‘You’re Not Cool Just Because You Teach with Comics,’” Studies in the Integration of Popular Culture in Teaching and Learning
  • Take the Stage Formative Research
  • “The Importance of Storying in Teacher Education Programs”
  • “Learning in Two Languages: The Acquisition of Literacy Skills in Young English Language Learners”
  • “Critical Analysis of the White Eurocentric Perspective in Secondary Social Studies Classrooms”
  • “Community, Activism, Homelessness, and Faith: Changing Perceptions of Poverty”
  • Data Day: Bringing Together Multiple Measures and Multiple Voices for Data-Based Decision Making in Teacher Education
  • Growing Urban Educators with Persistence and Skill: Fulfilling the Promise of University Partnerships and Shaping Preservice Teacher Clinical Practice

Haley’s aha! moment

During my master’s coursework, I read Ruby Payne’s A Framework for Understanding Poverty, and it changed the way I perceived the world and the people around me. I gained a deeper understanding of what it meant to have to survive in poverty. Payne’s work inspired for me a new, more authentic approach to my own classroom and how I related to the people I worked with and for. When I became the community engagement supervisor for a teacher education program, A Framework for Understanding Poverty helped me to understand how I could better navigate intersectional and diverse communities.

Haley’s passions

Since gaining experience as a teacher and teacher educator, I am chiefly concerned with giving learners the ability to ask of themselves difficult questions, as well as providing them the skills needed to solve seemingly insurmountable problems. I believe that modeling for teachers what it means to be a teacher advocate affords an implicit pedagogy of care while at the same time providing practical teaching knowledge they will need to be effective in future classrooms. I believe it is important for teachers to be reflective in their teaching, to become advocates for their students, and to find value in the community for which they teach.

Haley’s best training

My courses are designed to not only challenge learners, but also to have a true understanding of what motivates them and the actions they take in the classroom. Because of this, I routinely provide assignments that require deeply thought-out and articulated reflections, lesson plans, and projects. My teaching approaches are structured and inspired by the concepts of culturally responsive pedagogy, project-based learning, and transformational learning.

What does Haley do for fun?

I love to play sports and spend time with my family. I have played ice hockey since I was a little girl and still love it! My husband and I love to travel as much as possible, and that passion has led us see some of the most beautiful sights in the world and experience a wonderful array of cultures. I also love to read novels, listen to podcasts, and go to the movies.