Angel A. D. Tucker

Who is Angel?

Angel Tucker was born and raised in Toledo, Ohio. He grew up in an impoverished neighborhood flooded with drugs, gangs, and violence. Within this community, Angel experienced an incredible amount of harassment and endured daily pressure to join one of the local gangs. Rather than falling victim to this pressure, Angel persevered, becoming a notable servant of his community for more than 30 years. As a young and ambitious leader in his neighborhood block watch, Angel helped organize neighborhood revitalization initiatives. He has since been dedicated to mentoring youth from similar communities. In 2011, Angel made local history by becoming the first African-American police officer to join the Oregon Police Department (OPD) in Oregon, Ohio, where he currently serves as patrolman. During his career with OPD, Angel has led the initiative for external carrier vests and is currently working on an initiative with the OPD, city officials, and Bowling Green State University to recruit a more diverse slate of candidates for first responders across the county. Angel has served on the SWAT team, Crisis Intervention Team (CIT), Drug Abuse Response Team (DART) Honor Guard, Bike Patrol Unit, and is currently a presenter for the Citizens Police Academy.

Angel’s credentials and certificates 

  • OPOTA Certified Blue Courage Instructor
  • OPOTA Certified in Instructional Skills
  • Certified Tactical Communication Instructor
  • Certified Bridges Out of Poverty Instructor
  • Crisis Intervention Certification
  • 2012 Merit Commendation
  • 2013 Merit Commendation
  • 2014 Officer of the Year Nominee
  • 2015 Merit Commendations (2)
  • Active Shooter Certification
  • Operational Planning Certification
  • Human Trafficking Certification
  • Street Survival Certification
  • Youth Conference Key Note Speaker
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Progress at the University of Toledo

Angel’s aha! moment

My wife invited me to attend a Bridges Out of Poverty training where I had a double aha! moment. The first moment was hearing the trainer articulate the hidden rules of poverty that I grew up in, which was profound. I was absolutely amazed. This particular training added legitimacy to concepts and ideas I’ve shared on many occasions in the past. Consequently, due to a lack of published information, I was often ignored. My second aha! moment was learning about the hidden rules of middle class. Being from poverty and working for a middle-class police department was a culture shock, and once I had my aha! moment, it all clicked.

Angel’s passion

I am a very tribal person, and I live to protect, nurture, share, and provide for those I love and care about. I have found that during the expansion of my career, my education, my family, and my mind, I’ve also expanded my tribe to include people who are looking for a better way. This extends to teachers who are looking for a better way of communication, parents who are looking for a better method of understanding, and those communities that pray for better leadership. Our soldiers, firefighters, and/or police officers who are actively seeking better ways to serve and protect and students who seek better ways of learning are welcomed into my life’s mission. The betterment of the tribe, which has grown immensely, is my passion!

 Angel’s best training

My best training is everyday life. But the best training I present is Tactical Communication.

What does Angel do for fun?

I love spending time with my beautiful wife, Kathy. I enjoy teaching our youngest two (crazy) kids—Karmen, age seven, and Karmelo, age six—new things. I enjoy seeing my two oldest children—Diamonte, age 24, and Dakota, age 22—make their mark in this world. I indulge in coffee and conversation with my mother. I love to cook, enjoy working out, and like projects around the home. I escape the wonders of this world by riding my motorcycle.