Nine-year-old inspires California lunch-shaming law

October 15, 2019 Published by

In June, a 9-year-old named Ryan in Napa, California, learned about school lunch debt from a news story. In a classic instance of so-called “lunch shaming,” a 5-year-old had been denied lunch because of her outstanding lunch debts. Ryan took action. When he asked, the school said the total outstanding... View Article

No soap, radio!

October 10, 2019 Published by

When, on the contrary, all the citizens are independent of one another, and each of them is individually weak, no one is seen to exert a great, or still less a lasting power, over the community. At first sight, individuals appear to be absolutely devoid of any influence over it;... View Article

Lowest federal spending on kids since 2007

October 3, 2019 Published by

Last year’s portion of the federal budget that was spent on children hit a 12-year low, rivaling numbers we haven’t seen since 2007. Just 9.2% of federal spending was for programs like early education, food stamps, and help for children with disabilities. Worse yet, spending is projected to decline further... View Article

The research isn’t boring!

September 26, 2019 Published by

Research evidence supporting Getting Ahead Beth Wahler and Phil DeVol We know many of you have witnessed firsthand the effectiveness of Getting Ahead in the lives of investigators and your communities, and you look forward to the day when Getting Ahead is considered evidence-based by scholars. The goal of this... View Article

Standing against the winds of chaos and failure

September 24, 2019 Published by

Sitting on the windowsill of my mother’s low-income apartment, I prayed my father would not fail to show up again. Tears poured down my cheeks. Confusion and anger set in, starting decades of chaos. How did I fail my father? What could I do to gain his love? It took... View Article

Coaching for life stabilization

September 20, 2019 Published by

Making your way out of poverty not only requires determination, but also a lot of meaningful support to stabilize your life for long-term success. A fundamental component of Peterborough Social Services is the provision of case management and coaching. Life stabilization coaching is used to support participants who are pursuing... View Article

Emotional wellness is at the root of school safety

September 16, 2019 Published by

The Austin American-Statesman Sunday edition published commentary from Ruby Payne on the root causes of gun violence, especially in schools. Toughening physical security measures only goes so far, Payne writes, “because the root causes of school shootings are emotional issues.” From the opinion piece: An acquaintance told me that during... View Article