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Teachers: 85% want more mental health training

August 27, 2019 Published by

Emotional poverty exists in all demographics and contributes to anger, anxiety, and violence in schools. Among teachers, 93% report that they are worried about student mental health, and 85% say they felt they needed further mental health training. Mental health training isn’t usually covered in teacher training programs. It turns... View Article

What is Ruby reading?

August 21, 2019 Published by

Energy Medicine by Donna Eden examines the energy systems of the body. Everything that happens in your body is either a chemical or electrical interaction. In the early 1900s, the American Medical Association decided to focus on the chemical (pharmaceutical) and surgical aspects of medicine. The Chinese have always kept... View Article

Framework sixth edition audiobook features three all-new chapters

July 23, 2019 Published by

Intersectionality, brain research, and parent engagement are the newest elements of Ruby Payne’s A Framework for Understanding poverty. In addition to conversation-changing strategies for understanding and empathizing with students from poverty, the new Framework digs deeper into intersecting factors like race, immigration, and healthcare. Don’t miss your chance to hear... View Article

What is Ruby reading?

July 22, 2019 Published by

Change Your Brain, Change Your Life is the hard science that is happening in the correlation between brain research and behavior. Daniel Amen, the author, is a psychiatrist who uses braining imaging and scans to determine correct interventions. His book is fascinating. He has pictures of brain scans of ADHD... View Article

What is Ruby reading now?

June 21, 2019 Published by

For professional reading Silently Seduced: When Parents Make Their Children Partners by Kenneth Adams looks at the emotional development of an individual who takes on a parenting role during childhood. The book identifies covert and overt sexual seductions that occur and the resulting emotional confusion for the child as they... View Article

Emotional Poverty at the Copa: IPPY Awards Ceremony in NYC

May 30, 2019 Published by

Ruby Payne’s Emotional Poverty was one of the books honored in this week’s IPPY Awards Ceremony in New York City. Winners received a medal and the honor of putting the Independent Book Publisher Awards (IBPA) badge of honor on their covers. The awards ceremony was held in the historic Copacabana... View Article