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No soap, radio!

October 10, 2019 Published by

When, on the contrary, all the citizens are independent of one another, and each of them is individually weak, no one is seen to exert a great, or still less a lasting power, over the community. At first sight, individuals appear to be absolutely devoid of any influence over it;... View Article

Gas pumps as a poverty proxy: Leave your credit card at home

August 29, 2019 Published by

There are small things that make life for the poor and working poor harder than life in the middle class, and in this case when it happened to me, it also caused me to have slower reflexes. Read on to find out how. When you, the middle class, stop at... View Article

Why Bridges Out of Poverty was an easy fit for me

August 14, 2019 Published by

Why was Bridges Out of Poverty such an easy fit for me? What was it about this process that, when I interviewed Phil DeVol for a webcast, resonated with me so strongly? This process called Bridges had been foreshadowed earlier in my life’s experiences. Way back in the 1980s, before... View Article

Will the poor always be with us?

July 11, 2019 Published by

“Will the poor always be with us?” Good question. Related to that, how do we define “poor”? How do we define success? How do we define our approach to this problem? Will we use a baked-in ideology? Will we say we have the “common sense solution”? Will our solution come... View Article

How understanding class environments can help solve problems

June 4, 2019 Published by

Bridges Across Every Divide has the keys to understanding the class divisions in the USA. From creating a mental model to understanding that people in poverty are not the problem, but rather are problem solvers, the book begins the education of the reader on modern class divisions. Only by bringing... View Article

The Bridges model ‘rocks’ both sides of the aisle

May 14, 2019 Published by

Chapter 2 of Bridges Across Every Divide is the beginning of understanding the Bridges concepts, both to understand how it is a tool for today in dealing with poverty, and also in the future in dealing with the current deficits of our democracy. Telling people what to do is like... View Article

Origins of the divides

April 23, 2019 Published by

Do you wonder why our political system, which was once so self-correcting and attentive to the needs of citizens, increasingly seems to be slow to respond? Do you ever wonder why the needs of citizens are largely unmet while both parties race to their corners in an effort to box... View Article

Bridges Across Every Divide Podcast – Episode 5: Oh good, for a moment there I thought the republic was in trouble

June 5, 2018 Published by

You can pass public policy in your state, your county, and your city. This is very important to do because of the issue of civic capacity. We need to increase the civic capacity, and I need to talk about the Curley Effect. This is not about The Three Stooges with... View Article

Bridges Across Every Divide Podcast 3: This is my gift and curse

May 22, 2018 Published by

All of the sudden, if you looked at me, you could see all the gears turning in my head and the lights going on behind my eyes, and I’ve been looking for some time for what I would call a “unified field theory of public policy.” Something that could address... View Article